ShofaRV Project

Today's young Jewish adults are disconnecting from their Jewish heritage in alarming numbers. Even those who actively attended Hebrew school are avoiding Jewish experiences, and those without such a foundation are wary of making those new connections.


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Indeed, the only organizations that consistently draw young Jewish adults are the social and cultural groups that welcome Jews, and encourage them to bring their friends, without requiring a religious commitment. The Moishe House program, for example, provides a social experience flavored by Jewish culture, thereby allowing young Jewish adults to connect (or re-connect) with their Jewish heritage.


The ShofaRV is like a Moishe House on wheels. Rather than ask young adults to travel to a given place at a given time, often during prime social hours, the Institute for Modern Judaism will bring the Jewish social scene to the hottest concerts, holiday gatherings, and activist events. The ShofaRV will become the standard gathering place for Jewish young adults, in the parking lot of every major event, serving up latkes or matzah ball soup.


To find out more about the IMJ's ShofaRV project, or to consider contributing funding, please see our funding proposal