Workshops & Seminars on American Jewish Culture

Looking for a fun workshop to engage your teens, or adults of any age? Consider one of the IMJ's exciting, fully-customizable workshops on American Jewish culture! Please note that each of these topics - and more - is available as a single session, as a set of three, or as a recurring class. All of these workshops include an engaging participatory component!

Audiences have described the workshops as "fun and thought-provoking," saying that they've "illuminated a crucial perspective on our contemporary Jewish community," and that they're "innovative and exciting for our teens and adults." Over the past few years, we've found that the following workshops have been the most popular:

A Voice for the Voiceless: Music and Judaism in the American Consciousness

Beastie Boys - Older.jpg

Explore the influences of Jewish artists, lyrics, and themes on the evolution of 20th-century American music culture, with a focus on Jazz, Folk, Punk, Hip-Hop, and the modern era. (Featuring a text study on the lyrics of sages like Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, and more.)


The Catskills Are Alive: The Sound of Jewish Humor in America

Jon Stewart.jpg

A look at how comedy has influenced our understanding of American Judaism, and vice versa, and how the Jewish psyche has become a staple of modern humor. (Featuring a showcase where participants assume roles in comedic scenes of their own creation.)



The 10th Generation: Exploring Our Old-World Roots

Identity - Cropped.jpg

The Jewish people have been through a lot. Like, really, a lot. Examine how our experience in the Diaspora, and the Old Country, impacted our New World lives in America, ultimately influencing the identity of the current generations. (Featuring a written exploration of personal identity, and a rollicking "choose the most Jewish" game.)


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