About the Project

I've been celebrating the Jewish holidays in the US for my entire life, across a wide range of communities and practices, but the holidays are observed differently in Israel. (Differently from the US, and also differently among the different ethnic and observance groups within Israel.) For this project, I've planned a pair of trips to Israel so I can experience a variety of holidays - both religious and secular - from widely varying perspectives, including the Orthodox community, the secular community, the Sephardic community, and possibly communities of Mizrachi and African descent.

During the trips, I'll write blogs on this site to document my experiences and share the insights that I've gained. I'll also suggest ways to incorporate my new understandings into Jewish educational settings, including Hebrew schools and summer camps. Ultimately, I'll attempt to consolidate my learnings into some type of guide that educators can use to more deeply understand holiday observance in Israel, and to bring that breath of perspective into the North American learning environment. 

If you'd like to discuss the project's structure, objectives, or results, please drop me a line!